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canis restaurant

 Inspired by the bounty of Canada, our dishes highlight the freshest, and seasonal produce. Rooted in the philosophy of bistronomy, we honour the profile of the ingredients by creating simple and accessible dishes.
This is our interpretation of Canadian cuisine.

chef Jeff Kang

manager Adam Ashukian

tasting menu


swordfish, cucumber, beef garum

tuna, grape caper, artichoke

squash, peanut miso, caramelized whey

pork, brussels sprout, shishito

lamb, gooseberry, sunchoke

milk sorbet, concord grape

koji, almond, white chocolate

(for the entire table)

prix fixe menu

-first course

swordfish, cucumber, beef garum

venison tartare, gherkin, barley

-second course

tuna, grape caper, artichoke

squash, duck confit, whey

-third course

halibut, mushroom, smoked potato

beef short rib, sunchoke

-fourth course

apple, walnut, milk blondie

corn, maple, sorghum


746 queen st. w

toronto, on m6j 1e9


tues – sat 5.30pm – 10pm

sun, mon closed